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Why approved/authorized trails ONLY?

Trail Education and Restoration:

Short-cutting trails and creating unapproved trails damages the environment, harms approved trails and creates the potential for confusion and lost hikers. Public safety is jeopardized by trail cutting. To reduce this scourge on local trails, the DTC coordinates with public agencies, local trail groups and private land owners to bring volunteers and resources to trails requiring short-cut mitigation. (Click here to read more)


Table 7-12: Approved Trails, Allowed Uses, and Restrictions


The general geographic extent of PBS recovery regions in the Plan Area is described as follows:

Region 1: San Jacinto Mountains

Region 2: Santa Rosa Mountains—north of Highway 74

Region 3: Santa Rosa Mountains—south of Highway 74 through Martinez Canyon

Region 4: Santa Rosa Mountains—south of Martinez Canyon


Closures and restrictions subject to decisions made through the Trails Plan and requiring changes to local municipal codes where trails or trail segments are under the jurisdiction of Permittees.

Closures and restrictions on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management require a separate decision by the BLM, the implementation of which would occur in accordance with Title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations, subsection 8364.1.


Current prohibitions, restrictions, and/or allowances of use in accordance with municipal codes or

federal regulations requiring no further action.


Jurisdiction is by other entities, including Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians (Tribal), CDFW, University of California, and U.S. Forest Service. Decisions regarding the management of trails on lands under these jurisdictions are not subject to the MSHCP, including this section addressing public use and trails management.


Table 7-12: Approved Trails, Allowed Uses, and Restrictions

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