Our Mission

DTC supports trail use organizations in and around the Coachella Valley with advocacy and expert advice on issues related to trail use and access.


  • All actions will lead to environmentally friendly and pro-sheep resolution
  • Public education programs will stress trail courtesy, preservation and user ethics
  • Trail issue resolutions will primarily be addressed through the Trails Management Subcommittee, as called for in the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP)
  • DTC will strive to be the Go-To organization that agencies and media seek out for input and advice
  • DTC will have positive influence with government agencies and private landowners with respect to trail use
  • Information released by DTC will be accurate and unbiased, with a unified, consistent and balanced message on all matters relating to trails


About Us

Keep As Many Trails, as possible, Available For All Trail Users


Our job is to make sure you have the best trails experience, in the Coachella Valley, as possible while adhering to ALL laws and restrictions.

We try to provide enjoyment and so much more.

It takes special people with a knowledge of Government procedures and processes before this can occurs. That’s what we do.

Our team works to keep your trail access available as much as possible.

What We Offer

Trail Maintenance/Restoration

We work with our members as well as the FODM (Friends of the Desert Mountains) to keep the trails in great shape so you can use them without worries.


Trail Use Education/Etiquette

We promote trail knowledge for all users with ALL our members…

Trail Etiquette



Tips to help keep our wild places wild from our friends at Leave No Trace


Trail Information:

Check out the Approved Trailhead map to find the AUTHORIZED/APPROVED Trailheads in the Coachella Valley…

Get Involved:

  • Have your Club become a MEMBER of DTC
  • Participate in Trail Maintenance
  • Become a Trail Monitor
  • Volunteer with one of the Coachella Valley’s non-profit organizations that focus on trail  use
  • Join one of DTC’s member clubs


We Are the Trail Experts